Happy 5 Years Ago Kickstarter Success!

Posted by Greg Hydle on October 11, 2016 0 Comments

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Wow! What a crazy 5 years it has been since we successfully launched our Bamboo line of Blackbox Cases on Kickstarter! We've been receiving quite a few messages regarding the rumored new MacBooks and MacBook Pros Apple may soon announce ... and YES - we will be making new bamboo cases for these devices once Apple says "Here they are!"

Hearing from our customers about stories and adventures your Blackbox Cases have been on is like music to our ears! For those of you who have reached out and shared with us, we certainly thank you! The photos of what your 5 year old cases look like is pretty remarkable. Our general response is ... "Have you even used your case!?" We've lost a couple feet here and there, but generally your photos look like your cases are still brand new.

We apologize for being quiet over the last couple years, but if you have visited us at you will notice that we are shipping cases for every iPad model and MacBook Apple is currently shipping! We look forward to having a voice again and sharing new concepts, ideas and discounts with our original 376 Kickstarter backers :)

If this update reached you... we would love to hear your thoughts on a couple questions we've been pondering :) Are you still using your case? How any countries has your Blackbox Case visited!? Are your rubber feet still intact? Have you ever served cheese on your case!? What did you turn your case into after you either purchased a new machine or retired your case from your traveling adventures? How many TSA tote trays has your case saved your computer from inadvertent ugly scratches!? How many TSA agents have complemented your Blackbox Case? What is the most creative thing you've used your bamboo for other than protecting your Apple devices? Anything else you would like to share!? Thanks for the feedback!

Rock on!
Greg Hydle

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