How We Do It



Go ahead. Put your Blackbox Case in that 60-pound book bag. It’ll take it. And your computer won’t get crushed in the process.



Blackbox Cases only weigh 1.5 pounds. That 's what a beer in a glass bottle weighs. You will be surprised at how light these cases are.


The Perfect Finish
We hand finish your case with a high end Tung oil finish that takes four days to complete. It just feels velvety smooth. You will see why we spend four days when you unwrap your Blackbox Case.



Your case is precision cut, hand sanded, hand rubbed, and personally inspected throughout the crafting process. We don’t joke around with this stuff. If you don’t think it’s the nicest case you’ve ever seen, just send it back!


Solid Oak

Made from solid red oak hardwood. We even match each piece so the end-grain is matched. No fake sawdust gimmicks here.


Precision fit
Your case starts as two pieces of hardwood that are milled on our CNC machine. This means that your computer will fit in your case perfectly. Not tight. Not loose. Just right every time.


Individually Numbered
Each Case is hand numbered on the leather strap and on your “Welcome To The Family” card. Your case is one of a kind. Take care of her.


We craft these cases in Golden, Colorado. Home of Coors Brewing Company, the Colorado School of Mines, and Buffalo Bill Cody’s gravesite.



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