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Here at Blackbox Case we’re more than just a company – we’re a family. We’re not just here to sell you a product with a label; we’re here to welcome you into our bloodline. We know how much your MacBook means to you, so we want to protect that shining treasure of yours in a beautiful handcrafted case made of the finest oak on the planet.  So you can think of us as your brothers; the guys who are here to look out for your best interest by protecting what’s most important to you.  So, next time we cook up the family pasta, we’ll be sure to send you an invite. 

Blackbox Case is a product of curiosity, experimenting, and the hard work and obsession of some friends. Lance was packing his laptop for a service trip to Africa and felt uneasy about the protection that his current neoprene case offered. The idea of building a better, stronger case nagged him for a few more years as he finished his engineering degree.

Lance could put it off no longer and he knew that he had to give it a shot. Being a perfectionist he wanted precision so he built his own CNC router to compliment the traditional woodworking techniques used. The result was great, but still not perfect. Lance kept tweaking the designs but kept the project under wraps. That summer on the long drive to a childhood friend's wedding, he shared with some old friends what he was working on. He showed them some pictures of his prototypes and the rest of the drive through the cornfields was talking about Blackbox. The rest is history. They have teamed up to work on everything from design to the website and production line. Our woodworking shop is now full of tools, engineers, woodworkers, artists, and a bunch of people who love what they do. What you see today comes from passion, through friendship and through family and we intend to keep it that way. We hope you love your Blackbox Case.

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