Brand You or You Die

Posted by Lance Atkins on November 17, 2011 4 Comments

There’s a lot - a LOT - of articles on how to “brand” your business and yourself. Apparently you’ve gotta do it, or you and your business and your life and your wellbeing are just plain sunk. You need to put out the right vibe to make the people come running...

What if the products - the output - of your life were so you that you don’t have to re-brand who you is? What if the inventions, the ideas, the messages, the friendships that come out of your head were so unedited and so you that they did the branding of you for you?

Man, that would be fun. I could be, like, one person. And I could be who I want to be. It’d be like writing an inspired blog post without having go back and edit it.


Comments (4 Comments)

I bought a ipad air janaury. Can u make a case for tie ipad?

Posted by Frank Anthony on February 10, 2014

I absolutely love this!

Posted by cdstern on February 18, 2012

First of all you guys have a product that is simple, beautiful and practical I feel that is something that should be applauded. Keep up the amazing work. Im trying to order a case for my macbook. The problem that I am running into is the engraving part. Every time I click on the engraving link it says that it has moved. Please contact me so we can figure this out so I too can have one of your amazing cases.

Thank you

Posted by David Martinez Jr on February 17, 2012

Will the ipad 2 case fit not only Apple’s smart cover but also a Boxwave Smart Sleeve for an Apple iPad 2? What is the total width of the compartment that the iPad 2 case will slip into? I am getting an approximate depth of 2 mm when I measured it with my not so trusty wood ruler.


Posted by Joe on January 29, 2012

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