Is The Fear On Your Shoulder?

Posted by Lance Atkins on November 06, 2011 0 Comments

Gosh, creating stuff is scary. It might not work. People might tell you what they don’t like about it. In fact, they might even judge you. You might fail, go broke, and end up in the ghetto gutter. What is your spouse, friends, and dog gonna think about you then?

And damnit, they don’t even give you a manual of how to do it. They make everything go wrong and make it difficult and expensive. Creating doesn’t come with an insurance+retirement plan and it sure doesn’t come with a security clause.

It’s almost like you’ve gotta pull it out of thin air. It’s like you’ve gotta get on google, drive to Home Depot, risk cutting your hand off, and risk being wrong. You need to believe in yourself and you really can’t ever stop. The fear of creating will sit on your shoulder and it won’t leave 'till you teach it you don’t care. 


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