I Want To Be You

Posted by Lance Atkins on October 20, 2011 0 Comments

Jennifer Garner struts her stuff past the genius physicist who is watching the new Terminator movie while wishing his fortune was as large as Bill Gates' on the news. The teenage girl adores Kim Kardashian, all the while Kim wishes she could be a girl again. And watching Avatar for the third time leaves your average life feeling bland and boring.

We're exposed to a lot of larger-than-life stories these days. It's tempting to compare our seemingly insignificant life to the grand story of Harry Potter (among others) and be disappointed with our day-to-day.

Remember to also consider your own life a great story. Your life is one worth being jealous of, and one worth fighting for. Yes, it might look different than a Hollywood production, but it is great, all the same.


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