That's When It Stops Being Fun

Posted by Lance Atkins on October 14, 2011 2 Comments

Our friend, Bryan, makes an extra income by selling clothing on eBay. I enjoy selling on eBay about as much catching the black death, so I was quizzing him on how he does it and why he enjoys it. I wanted to know why he didn’t expand his operation, didn’t sell more items, didn’t use some extra money to buy more products. His answer? 

That’s when it stops being fun.”

Something clicked for me. He’s found the trick to sustainability... He’s learned how to truly enjoy something. Enough is actually the Best. We live in a culture of BiggerBetterFasterMore and I think, some day in the foreseeable future, everyone’s head might explode. 

We're learning our version of keeping it fun: inventing, good design, bamboo, beers on Friday, new friendships, handshake-deals without lawyer-contracts, writing weird blog posts... And we've found it's now more fun to go to work on Monday.

How can you keep it fun?


Comments (2 Comments)

Your answer lifts the intelligence of the debtae.

Posted by Chaooy on December 26, 2012

Heckuva good job. I sure apprecitae it.

Posted by Kaden on October 17, 2011

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