Simplistically Complex: Blackbox Case Design Philosophy

Posted by Lance Atkins on May 03, 2011 3 Comments
There is a fundamental in engineering: simplicity is really, really, really hard to accomplish. It’s just easier to make more complicated whopperdads than it is to make the material work magic for you.

We’ve fallen in love with simplicity. We’ve come to believe the precision of purpose and cleanliness is a thing of beauty. It fills our Moleskines full of notes, drawings, and daydreams. We won’t stop refining until the day we don’t make cases anymore, and we strive for this in every Blackbox Case.

The opening of the cases is derived from a perfect mathematical equation. The rubber feet are drilled-and-glued into the case. They will never, ever fall off. We promise. The leather strap is laser cut and hand numbered. The wool felt liner fits your Macbook or iPad 2 as perfectly as you can imagine it could. The wood and bamboo forms a serious hard shell case that takes abuse and also draws tons of coffee shop gawkers. It’s a flowing piece of wood, taken to its limits. No case is ever identical.

We believe in Apple’s ability to design georgeous products. We seek to let you keep that user experience without covering your iPad in a large silicone blob.

We have fun making these. In 6 months, we have seen one defective product return (and a few wrong-sized orders.) Love-poem-emails aren’t uncommon.

We appreciate all of you. You guys have cases wandering around 27 different countries now. We got an email the other day saying “I spotted a Blackbox Case in Saudi Arabia…” We’ve been flooded with good-people-turned-friends.

Keep having fun. We’ll do the same. And stop by for a beer, too.

-Lance Atkins

Chief Dreamer

Comments (3 Comments)

That takes us up to the next level. Great potsnig.

Posted by Pebbles on December 26, 2012

This arctile keeps it real, no doubt.

Posted by Rusty on December 26, 2012

You guys are obviously my kind of people, and it didn’t surprise me at all to learn you are in Colorado, which is where I grew up. In fact when my family moved there in 1967 our first place was in Golden.

Needless to say I am eager to get my hands on a case, but for the moment I must contemplate whether it’s for my iPad, my MBP or both. Peace!

PS: I’ll try to stop by for the beer next time I’m in town. ;-)

Posted by Laura Coe on June 08, 2011

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