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Posted by Lance Atkins on March 11, 2011 7 Comments
Good evening family! We've been holed up in our hangar designing and dreaming. We've demanded perfection because nothing else will do for family. On iPad 2 Eve, The time has now come to give you our best. Let the wrapping paper fly...

Introducing, and immediately shipping, the new Blackbox Case for iPad 2.

We wanted to preserve your experience of using the gorgeous new iPad 2 without having a bulky case permanently stuck to it. You deserve the impossible dance of beauty and function. The solid oak body is sanded and finished 'till your friends say "wow." Book bags will squish iPads no more. That iPad's glass screen will survive a fall. It's just the width of a wine cork. Hand cut, hand sanded, handmade with love from your brothers down the road in Golden, Colorado. We're pretty excited about this one.

Think outside the iPad. Welcome to the crew, iPad 2 Case.

Comments (7 Comments)

Will this case fit the Ipad 1. I’m keen to get a new case for my ipad – but have yet to update…

Let me know

Posted by Robbie on March 27, 2011

I know your cases are snug, but will an iPad 2 with a Smart Cover fit into this? Gosh golly, I hope so!

Posted by Steve on March 21, 2011

Does the case accommodate the iPad 2’s new Smart Cover?

Posted by Phil on March 21, 2011

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Posted by bigbiceps on March 16, 2011

sigh…..longing for an announcement for the MBA case…..if you need someone to do product testing i’m local. =-)

Posted by chad on March 11, 2011

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