Riskism and Fearifying

Posted by Lance Atkins on February 15, 2011 1 Comment

Poker. What a great game. I love that it is a game of logic and confidence. Bluffing? Act calm. Have a full house? Act calm. I’ve always liked that it teaches me to stay faithful, even when nervous.

I’ve always found a measure of success playing poker like it’s “not my money.” I’m not advocating emptying grandpa’s bank account, but only the act of “letting go” of something dear to you. If you’re afraid to lose your money, you probably will.

I recently got engaged to the most lovely girl named Nicole. The next time a friendly poker game occurred, I thought, “Be responsible and careful, you’re getting married.” That fear, combined with my decision to still play poker, led to me losing my chips at the end of the night. My fear led to my loss.

What is it about fear of losing that paralyzes us? A business owner might find it harder to keep his business dynamically moving because it is his own money.  An inventor stops inventing because he has a baby on the way. A basketball player doesn’t take that shot because he’s afraid of blowing it.

I propose a new road. Let your fear be okay.  There is a strange freedom in that fear. Freedom is a strange thing. It can’t be caught nor trapped. Rather, it comes and finds you. So go dig up your fire-fighter-child-dreams. Go pursue the ones you love like they will never leave you. Go write that book you’ve dreamed of. Go travel the world. Go. It’ll work.




and please share the journey with us too…


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be happy and love. kiss

Posted by orarpixerbido on April 27, 2011

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