MacBook Air: A Guide to Falling in Love

Posted by Lance Atkins on February 07, 2011 5 Comments

Two months ago, we welcomed a MacBook Air to our Blackbox Case family. Our decision was based upon pure logic. The MacBook Air was a very *cough* practical, necessary purchase for us. Kind of like an IBM Thinkpad…

Actually, it’s the high-end 13” screen model, full of 4gb of ram and a 256 gig SSD.

We have fallen hopelessley in love. It’s just amazing. It kicked out a faster 15” Intel Core i7 MacBook Pro, so the Air isn’t technically a performance upgrade. Here is our gut reaction to the Air, we will save you the nerd-detail-review: 

-It's oh-my-gosh light. 2.9 pounds. Almost 3 pounds lighter than the 15" MacBook Pro workhorse I was using. It's so portable, it may inspire you to travel to new corners of the earth to get work done.

-One thing I hate about MacBook Pros is the sharp, tall front lip of the computer. The Air has a low lip that doesn’t scrape your carpal tunnel wrist area. I am now known to continuously compute for 71+ hours without wrist blisters. Relief.

-Oh lordy is it fast! The processor is %30 slower than the Intel Core i7 equipped 15” pro I used to rely on. But the solid state drive makes it feel much more “snappy” than any computer I’ve ever owned. Loading applications doesn’t give me time to take a sip of coffee anymore.

-It fell out of the car, took a concrete gash, and has kept on rocking. We may have to make an Air case, eh?

- I never, ever, ever use an optical drive. The Air doesn’t have one. Without fail, two weeks into my AirLove, I desperately wanted to watch a DVD and could not. You can exchange your “not watching DVD” time for “People admire me for my MacBook Air” time now.

-Coffee shops are filled with loiterers wanting to see that “neat little thing.” Consider it your best meet-people-business-card ever.

-I don’t mind my workflow with a smaller 13” screen. If design work gets really crazy, it gets plugged into a 22” monitor.


If you’re thinking about a MacBook Pro, try to change your mind. A few more dollars and you will have a fast, lighter, more comfortable piece of art. Kudos, Apple. Kudos

Comments (5 Comments)

Steve, Nice to see you back! I checked out your blog Looks great! Now that you’ve done your first comp, when is the next?I used iPhoto to group the phtoos, then iMovie HD to bring them into a template and add the Ken Burns effect and music to it. Then I just exported as a movie. It took me a few minutes just to learn the software, but only about 10 minutes to put it all together. The move to mac is pretty easy so far!

Posted by Aagii on December 27, 2012

Got it! Thanks a lot again for hpleing me out!

Posted by Deena on April 14, 2011

Please make a case for it! I also have a fully loaded 13" and even tough I’d kill for a backlight keyboard it’s the best laptop I ever had. I use it a lot when I travel and I would really like to have it secured in a hard shell. Are your cases TSA approved ? (i.e. don’t need to take the laptop out for security check)
It would be great if you could design the case to be used as a platform for using on your lap or propping up the back to get more angle on the keyboard

Posted by Olivier on March 12, 2011

sigh……..i too love my MBA, wish i had a lovely locally made wooden case to put it in. sadface

Posted by chad moore on February 23, 2011

Dear Blackbox team, I am a proud owner of one of these beautiful new machines. Everything about it has blown my mind but I leave you with a challenge,please give my computer a pretty box to sit in. I will rep your company well here at MIT. I love your designs, they are natural, unobtrusive, and for a perfect match alongside the aluminum body. But remember one thing in creating a case for this computer, we love its size, we love its shape. This wooden mask should be a reflection of the beauty within.

Posted by William Evans on February 20, 2011

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