Of MacBook Cases and Men

Posted by Lance Atkins on December 03, 2010 2 Comments

 A short history of your Blackbox Computer Case:

Lance Andrew Atkins is born. With premature lungs. As a bonus for not breathing, he gets a sweet Flight-For-Life helicopter flight. His love for aviation is born.

His first utterance of words were, "I'm gonna make the world's most beautiful laptop case." He's been preparing for your MacBook since 1986. So he starts building things. Like forts and Legos.

Then potato guns.

Then starts fixing tractors.

And building cars.

He goes to Colorado School of Mines to be a mechanical engineer. He makes it. His 1986 computer case dream is a few inches closer.

But goes crazy in the school process.

He goes to live in Kenya and gets to fly some airplanes. The name "blackbox" is born out of his aviation passion and the infamous black box in an airplane.

More importantly, he meets a bunch of amazing people. They're full of life, smiles, and community. It's just sometimes they'd love clean water and a big chance to pursue their dreams. The 15% Challenge is born.

Lance's poor MacBook gets crushed in his bag while traveling around Africa. It's a sign. He must make that Beautiful MacBook Pro CASE! And it now must be hard shelled to make his MacBook happy. And it will be awesome.

Tools, tinkering, prototypes.

He decides to build a 6.5 horsepower router table to make them more perfect. 

Lance is best friends with Anthony. He is a professional hardwood floor master. Another piece is added to the wooden MacBook case puzzle.

They get a warehouse.

They build an office with their friend Eric and fill the shop with tools.

They reunite with old friends. Evan is a graphic designer. AK is a videographer, Mike is a business guru. They're in. So they get a bunch of wood.

And steal Grandpa's 88' Ford.

And keep working.

Squeaking every bit of perfection out of the wood.

And working.

It's perfect.


Comments (2 Comments)

I’m a fan! But then again, you’ve already known this for some time. Dean just got a Mac last week and told me this morning that he really wants to order a case for it. I told him “No, I’m getting you that for Christmas. Surprise.”

Posted by Shanna on December 03, 2010

Great post.

Posted by Evan on December 03, 2010

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