Dream Big. Or Else.

Posted by Lance Atkins on November 23, 2010 7 Comments

As a little kid, what did you dream to be? Astronaut? Dancer? Cowboy? Robber?  I, for decades, have wanted to be an airplane pilot. I blame it on the movie “Top Gun,” which was clearly the pinnacle of Tom Cruise’s life and career.

Blackbox Case has formed as a product of friendships and, well, dreams. We dream of being artisans, giving back to our community, changing the industry norm, pushing wood to a new and unseen level of perfection, creating something new, employing someone who is down-and-out, building a children’s school in Abu Dhabi.

…There is one caveat to your dreams, though. You have to risk that which you fear most: failure. So we set before you our risk. We have been working so, so hard to perfection. There are jobs that have been quit, money invested, and a few cuts and criticisms along the way.

We encourage you to follow our journey and to start your own. What do you want most? Start a business? That pretty girl on the subway? Ride a wild ostrich? Believe you want it and do it. We promise, the freedom is wonderful.

Welcome to the family, and meet the new Blackbox Case.

Lance Atkins
-Chief Dreamer-

Comments (7 Comments)

I’ve been using my MacBook Pro 13" oak case for 2+ years and re-stumbled across this post.
I have an amazing case for my laptop and it still looks and performs flawless!
Congrats to Blackbox case for starting and living your dreams. It is a rarity to find a well made and unique product then to hear of the amazing people behind the product.

Keep up the great work – keep living your dreams and inspiring others to kick fears ass and do what we dream!

Thank you,


Posted by Chad on April 24, 2013

Got the case I ordered and gave it to my daughter last night as a Christmas gift and she absolutely loved it, I knew after initially seeing it on line that I could not go wrong ordering it for her, I was correct. Thanks for the great product & I plan on ordering more for myself and others, great product!

Merry Christmas to the BlackBox Team and congratulations on the development and implementation of a great product!

Posted by Rick McHale on December 25, 2010

Excellent write-up!

I’ve been searching for the perfect case for my 17" Mac Book Pro, and I feel I have finally found what i’ve been looking for!

I’m going to post a link to your products on my blog,facebook,twitter, and spread the word!

It’s great companies like this that will set a new standard for excellence in the world.

Thank you!

Ps. Top Gun all the way!

Posted by Leo Tabibzadegan on December 10, 2010

Encouraged! Love it :)

Posted by Greg Hydle on November 29, 2010

This is very impressive, a job well done for sure. Hope all is well and a huge success.

Posted by Hunter Fuchs on November 29, 2010

Every year he says, “What do you want for Christmas honey?” with that expectant grin. Every year I say, “Oh I don’t know. You decide.” A few days ago, I got the look again, but this time I had an answer. Thank you for my Christmas gift, these are stunning and probably my best accessory to date.

Posted by Dee Adams on November 28, 2010

Lance, I knew you would make it. Good luck with your little blackbox. I am very proud of you.

Posted by Paula Washburn on November 25, 2010

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