Apple iPad Pro 12.9" Blackbox Case - The GIANT

In order to protect your new massive Apple investment, we appropriately code named the new Blackbox Case Apple iPad Pro development project — "the GIANT".

First introduced on September 9th, 2015, and later released on November 11th, the new Apple iPad Pro became the largest most insanely powerful Apple iPad ever. The iPad Pro is designed with a whopping 12.9" LED-backlit oxide TFT fingerprint-resistant antireflective display that has over 5.6 million pixels. Powered by a 64-bit Apple A9X processor and M9 motion coprocessor the 264ppi display with variable refresh rate will deliver up to 9 hours of continuous internet surfing.

While it is easy for Apple to point out all the amazing new features and technical advances built into the iPad Pro... it is just as easy for us to say that this "GIANT" Blackbox Case comes with the exact same bells and whistles as every other Blackbox Case you have come to love.

Hand crafted from the worlds fastest growing and most sustainable plant, your Bamboo Blackbox Case will serve and protect your iPad Pro with style and grace. Blackbox Case features include an internal scratch proof wool felt liner, laser cut leather strap, underside rubber feet and a safety and secured audible locking sound with every "snap".

Travel confidently with your Apple iPad Pro. Although gigantic in size, the iPad Pro was made to leave the house and travel with you to be creative wherever you find your inspiration. From quick trips to the coffee shop to Airport security tote trays you can feel confident that your iPad Pro Blackbox Case will not break, bend or scratch in your daily messenger bag, backpack or carry on.


Choose from Carbonized "Carbo" or Natural "Natty" Bamboo — Bamboo comes in two different flavors and is finished with a clear coat that makes both types of our Apple MacBook Air laptop cases snap with vibrancy. "Carbo" is the darker of the two types of bamboo and is our most popular style of bamboo... however our personal favorite is the "Natty" Natural finish which is the lighter color of bamboo.  It's your choice who you decide to adopt into your family... but don't hesitate to befriend either of them on Facebook — Carbo | Natty

Unfortunately due to the insane size of the screen on the iPad Pro Retina, we are not currently supporting the Apple Smart Cover or the Apple Smart Keyboard with this model. We have thought about it, but need to hear from our customers on what your thoughts are. The keyboard is thick and unevenly awkward on top of the iPad and wouldn't make for a very trademark Blackbox Case fit, but we have conceptualized it :) 

 iPad Pro 12.9-inch Dimensions:

Apple iPad Pro Blackbox Case
Height 12 inches (305.7 mm) 13.38 inches (339.8 mm)
Width 8.68 inches (220.6 mm) 9.75 inches (247.6 mm)
Depth 0.27 inch (6.9 mm) .75 inch (19.3 mm)
Weight 1.57 lbs (713 g) 1.25 lbs (570 g)

Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch Blackbox Case

Carbonized or Natural Bamboo:

We can laser engrave your case!

Customize your Blackbox Case with your name, nickname or something that identifies who you are or what you stand for. This is not a requirement, but simply a nice option we like to extend to our customers :)




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