Apple 11" MacBook Air Cases

Made from the fastest growing natural resource on planet earth, your Bamboo Blackbox Case will serve and protect your 11-inch MacBook Air with style and grace.

Choose from Carbonized "Carbo" or Natural "Natty" Bamboo — Bamboo comes in two different flavors and is finished with a clear coat that makes both types of our Apple MacBook Air laptop cases snap with vibrancy.  "Carbo" is the darker of the two types of bamboo and is our most popular style of bamboo... however our personal favorite is the "Natty" Natural finish which is the lighter color of bamboo.  It's your choice who you decide to adopt into your family... but don't hesitate to befriend either of them on Facebook — Carbo | Natty

Our new 11" and 13" MacBook Air Blackbox Cases fit beautifully snug around your Apple MacBook Air. Unlike all of our other cases, your MacBook Air will only fit into this case one direction.  Insert the thin edge into the case first. If you attempt to insert the thick end of your MacBook Air into your case first... it will not fit. Please remove and re-insert with the thin "wedge" shape facing the inside of your Blackbox Case.

Thank you for the patience and waiting for the next level of protection for your Apple MacBook Air investment.  Remember, all Blackbox Cases are now in stock and ready to ship instantly.  We guarantee you will love this case and you will never leave home without it :)


11" Apple MacBook Air Case

Carbonized or Natural Bamboo:

We can laser engrave your case!

Customize your Blackbox Case with your name, nickname or something that identifies who you are or what you stand for. This is not a requirement, but simply a nice option we like to extend to our customers :)




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