Bamboo 13" MacBook Pro Case

Bamboo is amazing. It sustainably re-grows like a banshee. It is light, strong, beautiful, and hard. Our un-crushable, CNC machined bamboo shell is decked out with a laser-cut leather strap and wool-felt liner. Backpacks can't crush it. Coffee shop admirers won't stop talking to you. Protect your MacBook Pro while you aren't.

You all have simply just been purchasing cases faster than we can make them right now. This means that if you order today, it will be approximately 4-6 weeks until you receive your Blackbox Case. These cases take a lot of love - each case - and the hand making process isn't as efficient as Chinese robots. Your web order will effectively reserve your position since we are building and shipping cases in the order that they are received. We encourage you to keep up with our family's journey through this exciting, growing season - Drop us a line on Facebook or stop by the shop here in Golden, Colorado.

Does this case fit your MacBook Pro? Our Fit Guide makes it easy.


Bamboo 13" MacBook Pro Case




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