Apple iPad Pro Retina 12.9-inch Blackbox Case

Yes, we have this case!  And to us, the Apple iPad Pro Retina 12.9-inch Blackbox Case is the most important case we have ever made. Why? Because this is one expensive iPad and it needs travel protection.  

If you plan on taking your iPad Pro out of the house in any kind of messenger bag, luggage, gigantic purse or just bare ... we would highly suggest having hard shell protection on that Apple investment.

Unfortunately due to the insane size of the screen on the iPad Pro Retina, we are not currently supporting the Apple Smart Cover or the Apple Smart Keyboard with this model. We have though about it, but need to hear from our customers on what your thoughts are. The keyboard is thick and unevenly awkward on top of the iPad and wouldn't make for a very trademark snug Blackbox Case fit, but we have thought about it.  

We will be coming up with a fun and quirky explanation about how awesome this Bamboo wood case is for your Apple iPad Pro in the near future... but for now we just need to get it in the shop for your purchasing pleasure :)


 iPad Pro Retina 12.9" Dimensions:

iPad Pro Retina 12.7" Blackbox Case
Height 12 inches (305.7 mm) 13.37 inches (339.6 mm)
Width 8.68 inches (220.6 mm) 9.68 inches (246 mm)
Depth 0.27 inch (6.9 mm) .78 inch (20 mm)
Weight 1.59 lbs (723 g) 1.2 lbs (545 g)

Apple iPad Pro Retina 12.9-inch

Carbonized or Natural Bamboo:

We can laser engrave your case!

Customize your Blackbox Case with your name, nickname or something that identifies who you are or what you stand for. This is not a requirement, but simply a nice option we like to extend to our customers :)




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