Apple iPad 2/3/4 Bamboo Blackbox Case

The case that started it all :)  The Apple iPad 2 was originally released on March 2nd, 2011.  It was the first substantial indicator that Apple would completely dominate the touch screen tablet market.  Blackbox Case was only 4 months old and at that time we were only making old school "oak" wood cases.  We made 100 oak iPad 2 Blackbox Cases... and that was it!  If you are one of the lucky few to have one - please cherish it!  (and send us a photo :)

The iPad 2 inspired us to make a lot of cases.  In order to do that, we started playing with bamboo.  4 foot by 8 foot sheets of Carbonized "Carbo" and Natural "Natty" Bamboo gave us the sustainable approach to start making iPad cases in higher numbers.  We sold out of them instantly... couldn't keep up with production. Launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for our entirely new line of all bamboo cases.  We raised $46,000 and still couldn't keep up with production.  We had a lot of cases to design and manufacture and at one point the wait for one of our Bamboo Blackbox Cases was over 4 months long.  This is not the way to scale a business when you have a product in demand... but that is simply what it took to harvest something as unique as our beautiful hand made cases.

Apologies for the long run on story... there is a lot more to it than just these quick descriptions trying to justify the downfall of Blackbox Case — Lance did and excellent job explaining it — but the point of trying to tell the story behind the importance of the iPad 2 is simply that this case was where all the opportunity and momentum with Blackbox Case began, and ultimately ended.

Well — that was 3 years ago... and boy how things have changed.  Even though you haven't probably noticed yet, Blackbox Case is fully up and running again, only now with the ability to scale!  So thank you for being patient with us, we have many stories to share to get caught up.  But for now we hope you realize how important the Apple iPad 2 was in the history of Blackbox Case.  

Every case we have available in the new Blackbox Case store is in stock, ready to engrave, and ready to ship.  Whether this case is for you, or as a gift - We realize the iPad 2/3/4 case is no longer in high demand, so as a gift for reading this ridiculously long product description... use discount code "OG iPad Love" to save yourself quite a bit off of one of our iPad 2/3/4 Bamboo Blackbox Cases.

Cheers, and welcome *back* to the family :)


 iPad 2/3/4 Dimensions:

iPad 2 iPad 3 iPad 4 Blackbox Case
Height 9.5" (241mm)
9.5" (241mm)
9.5" (241mm) 10.87" (276mm)
Width 7.31" (186mm)
7.31" (186mm)
7.31" (186mm) 8.3" (211mm)
Depth 0.34" (8.6mm) 0.37" (9.4mm) 0.37" (9.4mm) .83" (21mm)
Weight 1.33 lb (601 g) 1.44 lb (652g) 1.44 lb (652g) .85 lb (387.14g)

Apple iPad 2/3/4 Bamboo Case

Carbonized or Natural Bamboo:

We can laser engrave your case!

Customize your Blackbox Case with your name, nickname or something that identifies who you are or what you stand for. This is not a requirement, but simply a nice option we like to extend to our customers :)




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